Truss Experiment for Engineering Mechanics and Materials Statics Courses

Incorporate this experiment into your Statics class and help Engineering Mechanics and Materials students grasp concepts of tension, compression, stress, and tensile strength. Includes CAD/CAM files for milling out truss members from thin, inexpensive sheets of aluminum using a CNC mill.

In this 2-hour engineering mechanics lab experiment, students will do the following:

  • Analyze a simple cantilevered truss on paper, using two-force members.
  • Design a test member within the truss to withstand a specified point load.
  • Assemble (after optionally fabricating) the truss from milled aluminum parts.
  • Test the truss to failure (the fun part!) and record the maximum applied load.
  • Compare results to calculations.

The download contains everything you need to quickly integrate this lab experiment into your curriculum:

  • Instructor’s guide
  • Equations and explanations of engineering concepts
  • Video demonstration
  • CAD and CAM files

Practical application of theory is critical to helping students become great engineers. Download the PDF and get started!