Heat Sink Lab Experiment 

A 2-hour practical Engineering lab for Heat Transfer classes

Heat Sink Lab ExperimentGive Engineering students a stimulating, practical example of heat transfer principles by letting them analyze examples and then design their own. Students will explore general concepts of heat transfer of extended surfaces and 1D steady-state conduction in finned surfaces, and explore analysis of heat sink design.

Students will:

  • Analyze example heat sink designs
  • Design their own heat sinks for maximum fin effectiveness
  • Fabricate their heat sink designs on a CNC mill
  • Test their heat sinks in a controlled environment and determine fin effectivness

Project includes:

  • Lesson PDF with all calculations, photos, example data, and setup instructions
  • Example heat sink designs to analyze
  • Fusion 360 models for each heat sink design, including milling toolpaths
  • G-code files for milling the heat sinks without using Fusion, if desired